How to Eat Healthy on a Budget (The Definitive Guide)


How do you differentiate between a healthy diet and an unhealthy diet? A diet comprising of fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts can be put into the healthy diet category whereas a diet consisting of meat, a lot of processed food and refined grains can be categorized as an unhealthy diet. As you might have guessed, eating a healthy and balanced diet can be costly. So what should you do to consume all the healthy items? Here are the best tips that can help you in consuming a healthy meal on a budget.

Make a meal plan

Grocery shopping can be a bit confusing and expensive when you decide to visit the store without any prior preparation. We tend to pick all the unnecessary items when we don’t know what to cook! So the best way to avoid this is to make a weekly meal plan and prepare your budget accordingly.

Avoid buying snacks

Snack are a comfort food to many. But do you know how expensive they can be? Moreover they don’t satiate our hunger! Still not enough reasons to avoid buying snacks? Well then consider the following situation:

You can buy a week’s grocery comprising of vegetables, fruits, fish and chicken for $40. Or you can buy seven packets of snacks that will leave you hungry for more!

So, what would you choose? Of course the first option! 

Buy cheaper proteins

Everyone loves steak and lamb chops! But when taking your budget into account, they can drain it quickly! They can also be unhealthy when consumed daily. So the best substitute is chicken and eggs. At $1 you can get eggs for one week and 5lb chicken at $5! Trying vegetarian combos thrice a week will also help you save a lot!  

Make your own coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee? Especially when it’s a store made latte or espresso? But do you know that you spend around $300 per month on caffeine and energy drinks? Now don’t think that we are telling you to stop consuming these drinks! A better way to save you money is to make your coffee at your home. You can try making lemonades and mock tails for a change!

Substitute your favorite foods

When we feel the craving of our favorite food, it is impossible to control ourselves. We eat out and it takes a toll on our budget! But you don’t have to suppress yourself from eating your favorite food! All we are suggesting is to find a substitute! You can easily bring down the cost of a $15 pizza to a homemade $5 pasta! 

Try bulk cooking

Cooking your meal in bulk will not only help you save a lot of time but will also help you in your budget. By finding similar ingredients, you can easily replace your unhealthy diet. Take a frozen $5 pasta dinner as an example. It will serve one dinner only. Now here comes the idea of bulk cooking. Take your veggies ($3), chicken ($5) and pasta sauce ($2). It can serve up to 5 meals and reduce your cost to $2 per meal! 

Avoid health supplements

Health supplements can be really costly and become a burden to your budget. So the best way to replace these powders is with lots of green vegetables! Try finding online deals if you have any specific requirement.

These seven tips will definitely help you save a lot of money! You will be consuming healthy food at a very minimum budget! With a little bit of self-control and determination, you will start to enjoy this process!

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