7 Ways to Stop Impulse Buying

Nearly everyone does impulse buying without knowing it! And this can cause a lot of financial drain and put pressure on your budget. To understand what impulse buying is consider the following situation:

It is already late and you leave for work in a hurry. You buy a $5 coffee on your way. Pack a $5 sandwich for your breakfast. You have forgotten to pack your lunch, so buy a $7 meal. On your way home you feel very tired and again buy a $5 coffee. At last you are home and decide to order a $10 dinner. 

At the end of the day, you have paid $32 for things which were unplanned and unnecessary! This is impulse buying! But how to stop it? Read on!

Don’t shop unnecessarily

Many people shop for fun! They hit the shopping centers on a weekend or just to pass time. This results in buying things you don’t require and results in impulsive spending. A better option would be spending time with friends, taking a walk in the park or watching movies at home.

Make goals

Make goals and ensure to follow that strictly. For example if your weekly budget is $100, and you decide to save $30, you wouldn’t be quite inclined to buy a $64 jeans! This way you can avoid unnecessary purchases.

Carry limited cash

To prevent spending extra cash, plan and calculate the total amount you need for the day and carry only that amount. For example, while going for grocery shopping, calculate the gross amount you require for buying only the necessary items.

Have self-control

Having self-control can act as a boon and save you from unnecessary purchases! Ask yourself before buying something: “Is it worth buying it?”, “Do I have to pay money to someone?”, “Am I saving enough?” Only when you analyze your current situation, you will be able to hold back your urge of impulsive buying!

Don’t carry credit cards

Unless you require to make quite a big purchase, avoid carrying your credit card with you. This can save many dollars. If you have limited hard cash with you, you will definitely not buy unnecessary stuff. Whereas, a credit card will open an easy access to impulsive buying and pressure you with debt!

Shop with a friend

If you have a friend or a family member who knows about your financial situation, make them your “accountability buddy”! Take them along with you while you go for shopping. They will stop you from buying unnecessary things and will remind you of your goals! But make sure that they be able to speak up firmly and express their opinion!

Unsubscribe from retail alerts

“Come buy your favorite jeans at 30% off!”, “Buy 3, get 1 free!” Whenever texts or emails like this pop ups on our phone, it is very unlikely that we resist ourselves from buying it! Unnecessary shopping like this is a major impulsive buying! So how to prevent it? Very simple! Just unsubscribe! If you do know that there is a sale, you will most probably not go shopping!

Now you know how to stop yourself form doing unnecessary shopping! Implement these tips the next time you go shopping and see how much you save! Be a little firm with yourself for a few months and you will see that you do not have the habit of impulsive buying anymore!

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